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Is Slate Flooring Right For You?

Slate’s powerful beauty, durability, functionality, and the natural stone’s awe-inspiring essence are a few of the many reasons why it’s growing in popularity. There weren’t many varieties in this type of flooring earlier. Customers could only choose from gray and pale. However, the tables have turned out to be in favor of slate flooring now. You can avail of almost any color out of the hundreds available for slate flooring. Like any stone flooring, the slate will add value to your home. In the era where granite flooring is so common, slate floors stand genuinely unique. To decide whether the slate floor is right for you, understanding its characteristics, pros, cons, maintenance - at home or from slate floor cleaning services, and other details is essential. That’s why Los Angeles Stone has curated all the information for you.

Characteristics of Slate Flooring: Comparing The Quality

Like anything else, slate flooring comes in different grades of quality. A lower quality slate is found on the ground’s surface, and it may not cost you much since it is less expensive to extract. Higher grade quality flooring of slate, on the other hand, is located under the ground and has to be mined. One reason why lower quality slate isn’t as desirable is that it has been subjected to elements for many years. The weather-beaten slate is flawed and porous, therefore, not a preferable choice as a material for construction.

The finer quality of slate flooring has several good qualities. It is naturally stain and slip-resistant. High-end slate stays non-porous for its entire lifespan (most likely, many decades). It is resistant to fire as well as water. A high-end slate has more incredible qualities, making it an easy option to choose for construction.

Slate flooring is also effortless to maintain. You can mop or sweep with moderate detergent or even hire slate floor cleaning services. It requires close to no extra maintenance - just cleaning. Installation depends on the cut of stone you have chosen.

Pros of Slate Flooring

- Slate flooring lasts longer in almost any condition. It is incredibly durable as compared to wood, linoleum, or tile.

- Slate looks unique and attractive.

- It adds real estate value to the property.

- It remains intact even under a radiant heat system.

- All it needs is a mild cleaning, whether you do it individually or with slate floor cleaning services.

Cons of Slate Flooring

- High-end slate flooring comes with a price tag. Finer slate is one of the most expensive flooring materials in the market. However, the performance of a high-quality slate is worth every penny.

- The variety you get is still lesser than what you find in other materials.

- It is not easy to repair or replace; however, you would only need to get it fixed only in the rarest instances.

Maintenance and Care

The basic maintenance of slate flooring is not a complex subject. A few simple steps are necessary to keep your slate in tip-top condition. One - simple dust mopping would go a long way. Dust, grit, or dirt are what the majority of the surfaces degrade in their look and quality. So, dust mops your floor regularly. Two - if you lack the time or you think that your floor really needs some urgent help, consider hiring professional slate floor cleaning services.

Only if somehow we could get rid of dust and dirt would this cease to be a problem. When you see dust and debris, proper dust mopping would be enough to maintain your slate floor. If this still doesn’t get you the desired results, consider hiring slate floor cleaning services. It is also essential to know how much cleaning is required, so we have a few recommendations for you-

Residential: Once a week

Light commercial: Twice a week

Heavy commercial: Daily

To sum up - choose the type of flooring for your home wisely. Consider all the factors, including cost and maintenance. Slate flooring has an impeccable appeal and is sure to add significant value to your property. Get in touch with us for more information on all flooring options.