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Is Slate Flooring Right For You?

Slate’s powerful beauty, durability, functionality, and the natural stone’s awe-inspiring essence are a few of the many reasons why it’s growing in popularity. There weren’t many varieties in this type of flooring earlier. Customers could only choose from gray and pale. However, the tables have turned out to be in favor of slate flooring now. You can avail of almost any color out of the hundreds available for slate flooring. Like any stone flooring, the slate will add value to your home.Read more

Granite Countertops - Addressing The Common Problems

Countertops offer a top-notch appealto the kitchen at our home. Nonetheless, countertops made of granite last longer than 20 years. However, weathering is a part and parcel as things keep happening. There is something you can do yourself to protect them. But, if you find specific tasks difficult, consulting a granite countertop repair company would be a great choice.Read more