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Granite Countertops - Addressing The Common Problems

Countertops offer a top-notch appealto the kitchen at our home. Nonetheless, countertops made of granite last longer than 20 years. However, weathering is a part and parcel as things keep happening. There is something you can do yourself to protect them. But, if you find specific tasks difficult, consulting a granite countertop repair company would be a great choice.
We have created the ultimate guide to help you address the common problems that may affect your granite countertop.

Preventive Measures That You Can Take To Safeguard Countertops

During its lifespan, things happen! Certain steps or preventive measures can help protect a countertop from getting cracks and damage.


Since granite is a porous material, it needs to be sealed to ensure that no bacteria seeps into it. In addition to protection against bacteria, sealing also ensures its longevity, sanity, and durability. The stone can weaken if liquids get into its pores. So, you may consider annual sealing with the help of a granite countertop repair company.


Regular maintenance on your end is also essential. What's more important is to be mindful of the cleaning products you use. It is so because certain cleaners hamper the seal over time, so using harmless cleaning products is a must. You can use hot water for daily cleaning, but when you do weekly or monthly maintenance, incorporate special granite cleaners.

Repairing Cracked Granite Countertops


Separate cracks are worse to look at. If neglected, it may become more visible. Moreover, cracks spoil the overall quality of granite countertops. To repair these separated cracks, fill epoxy glue (matching with stone color) into the gaps. We recommend not to leave these gaps and cracks unaddressed. Get professional help if push comes to shove. But if you're doing it yourself, ensure that the surface is clean before the main action and put masking tape around so that the glue doesn't stick to the other portions of the stone. Once the cracks are secured, consider getting the particular surface re-polished to blend well with the rest of the area.


On the other hand, Hairline cracks are tiny and close to invisible that do not impact the quality, cleaning, and using your counter.

Repairing Damaged Granite Countertops


If you notice the stone fading and dulling, possibly you aren't cleaning the counter appropriately. In this case, polishing the surface with countertop polish or refinishing would be a great way to follow. The refinishing brings a shiny finish to the stone. However, if none of these works, go for resurfacing or a new countertop altogether.


Etch or engraved marks are common, especially with granite countertops. You may handle smaller surfaces by cleaning the affected area, using a stone soap, wiping the dirt, and dry the surface thoroughly. A few homeowners often fix this issue with a tomato or a lemon, and it works! However, larger ones might require help from a granite countertop repair company. To give it a proper finish, apply polishing powder and buff it. Once this is done, clean the area properly.

If you face any problems fixing these issues, reach out to Los Angeles Stone Restore for high-quality services and get your free consultation today!